Ricardo and Rita are amazing! Ricardo helped our Granddaughter and her Mother in many ways he help them start a new and more fulfilling life in California and that would have not been possible without the help of Ricardo, Rita and this wonderful Bracamonte Law office! They always took the time to talk to us and keep us informed on any and everything that had to do with our case! So again as I have said many times Thank you!!!!


Over the last 10 years I have used Ricardo 3 times. Each time Ricardo has exhibited top notch aggressive representation. Not only is he an amazing lawyer he is an awesome person. When I was completely beside myself with panic, Ricardo always put me greatly at ease. He was there for ME not just my case! Most of our meeting time he was focused on my wellbeing telling me to 'Breathe' and it would be okay. Not only did I believe him but he was rite! I would recommend Ricardo to anyone!


Peter G. Biel