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An Attorney With Compassion And Understanding For Your Legal Issue

The Law Office of Ricardo A. Bracamonte offers experienced representation for family law issues and criminal charges in Tucson, Arizona, and throughout Pima County. Family law is our focus but we will guide you through any criminal law needs you have with compassion and understanding.

Our founding attorney, Ricardo A. Bracamonte, was born and raised in Douglas, Arizona, in a large family. Mr. Bracamonte graduated from Arizona State University in 1989. He gained extensive experience in DUI trials while working at the public defender’s office, and branched out to family law soon after. Today, he is a caring family man with two sons. He offers over two decades of legal experience and is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts. To learn more about Ricardo A. Bracamonte, read his short biography below:

Connecting With Clients On A Personal Level

Divorce and criminal charges are stressful. We are proud to offer assistance to clients with a litany of legal problems while communicating and informing clients on a personal level. Our goal is to offer a balance and peace of mind for this difficult period in their lives.

Given the stress of a career as a lawyer, Mr. Bracamonte is a true believer in practicing present moment awareness to reduce anxiety. By implementing present moment awareness into his practice, he is able to communicate with clients on a deeper level. He helps clients move away from anxious speculations to start focusing on clear steps toward a solution and peace of mind. He will help you reach your destination by dealing with one item at a time and focusing on each task until it is complete.

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